El Borracho

The complete, rock-solid job queue package for NodeJS.

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El Borracho Pro
Touch-compatible Web UI
Job Summaries by TypeÃÃ
Realtime+Historical Stats GraphÃÃ
Job Detail and ProgressÃÃ
Filter by RegExpÃÃ
Realtime API
Realtime SSE/EventSource APIÃÃ
Live+Daily StatisticsÃÃ
Multiple Concurrent QueuesÃÃ
Priority QueuesÃÃ
NodeJS Cluster CompatibleÃÃ
Redis Sentinel CompatibleÃÃ
Both Promises + Callbacks supportedÃÃ
.NET client/server interoperableÃÃ
Customer Support
Best effort, Github IssuesÃÂ
Email + Live ChatÂÃ
Personalized OnboardingÂÃ
New feature priorityÂÃ
Free tacosÂ
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